About Pch Exotics - Exotic Car Rental Company

We founded PCH Exotics in San Diego, California because we love the SoCal car culture. As enthusiasts, we are well-poised to cater to the nuanced needs of the rapidly evolving automotive industry. We offer a variety of car parts, accessories, modifications, installations, and bespoke services/products, in addition to our core business:

Ask For Booking :)

For Exotic / Luxury Rentals, Please email: sales@pchexotics.com

We do not condone ‘take-overs’ and hope to inspire positive change within the communities we serve, and the car scene overall. Whether you drive Euro, JDM, Muscle, Trucks, or Bikes — we hope you will join us on our journey!

Collaboration with Content Creators

We are always looking to collaborate with content creators in LA, OC, SD, Miami, or NYC. Our two HQs are in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Email CEO@PCHexotics.com to set up a meeting with our founder and CEO, Vijay Sheth.