Ferrari 488 Spyder

Ferrari 488 Spyder
Ferrari 488 Spyder
Ferrari 488 Spyder

Ferrari 488 Spyder

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Experience the power and efficiency of the new Ferrari 488 Spider in an elegant all-aluminum frame that compliments its innovative performance, dynamic handling, and captivating exhaust sound. The Ferrari 488 Spider rental car was made to be driven. It’s hard not to fall in love with this exotic rental car’s stunning styling, powerful engine, and effortless performance that lets you enjoy the ride of your life. The 3.9L twin-turboV8 engine, with its 670 hp and 760 Nm of torque, gives you a thrilling driving experience. In addition, you can push this exotic rental car to its limits without breaking a sweat thanks to its 7-speed F1 dual-clutch transmission.

The 488 Spider has a sporty, beautiful, and fun look that can be traced back to the Ferrari 458 Spider by substituting a soft folding fabric roof for the hard retractable hard top. With a short, muscular front wing that the bumper is squeezed into, the 488 has the classic Ferrari mid-rear-engined sports car proportions. This gives the entire front of the exotic rental car a sense of power and speed. In addition, the new side air intakes for the intercoolers on the flanks give this already formidable face an aggressive touch (they also serve functional purposes).

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Requirements to rent from us (insurance purposes):

•100/300/50 Comp/Collision with rental coverage
•Valid US Driver’s License with 3 years history
•25 years old (larger deposit required if <25)
•$2,000.00 refundable deposit

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